Report your Ticket – We are Earth's Only Red Light And Speed Camera Ticket Reporting System.

The Warren Act of 2024 was inacted July 9th 2024 and is now in force. Read It. Also, I made a decision to develop this site while live to the public. Not all things will work and you may see changes happen as you browse.  I felt it best to start gathering statistical data  and I might as well have a little raw fun along the way.

Got a Red Light or Speed camera ticket? Report Your Automated Enforcement Tickets Now!

Do your live in Toronto? In Ottawa? or Anywhere on Earth? Report your ticket to 200 Brady Street.

We’re creating a centralized repository of information on automated enforcement. Until now, these systems have operated without accountability or transparency. 

By contributing your statistical data, you’re helping create a platform where everyone can access this crucial information. Let’s ask the tough questions and demand truthful answers. Together, we can ensure that tax dollars are used responsibly, not as a means to unfairly burden the public.

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