Report your Ticket – We are Earth's Only Red Light And Speed Camera Ticket Reporting System.

The Warren Act of 2024 was inacted July 9th 2024 and is now in force. Read It. Also, I made a decision to develop this site while live to the public. Not all things will work and you may see changes happen as you browse.  I felt it best to start gathering statistical data  and I might as well have a little raw fun along the way.

PEOPLE OF SUDBURY. Part of my journey will be sharing my story. It is an amazing one. is only one of multiple projects I have going on and there are 1000s more million dollar(I’m being modest) ideas waiting. I have done absolutely everything alone and if required will finish it alone. I have nothing but sticks now and I still tear down mountains.

I can’t force anyone to see but there is tremendous opportunity for anyone who pursues passion and wants to make a difference in the world. This will require “actual balls”: So far I’ve met many who talk big but have tiny dried up gross balls and take zero action. I have giant balls and will teabag anyones drum set.

I’m telling you that there is magic in the air and miracles are about to happen. I would very much like to say I’ve had tons of support from friends and family but that would be a lie. When you think differently, When you see differently, When you realize how truly small “the box” is it is extraordinarily isolating. I wouldn’t change a thing in reflection. I love me.

(Oh and A GIGANTIC heads up to those of you who have stood in my way. You will be part of a beautiful story, but you won’t like it.)

Buy a fucking shirt lol